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I’m Devin Almonte. I am a wellness lifestyle expert, tv and radio host, blogger and podcaster. “Wellness Lifestyle Expert”  is a funny title for someone whose  life was far from well, as I wrestled with alcoholism and a life far from the Lord, particularly during my teen and early college years. But God has a uncanny way of taking our struggles and using them for His glory.

Though I don’t wrestle with these struggles the same way I used to, I don’t believe any of us will be fully well until we reach Heaven. So I prefer to describe myself as better: better with continuous sobriety since 1999, better spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

And the better part of this journey led me right into Jesus’ arms when I accepted Him as my Savior in 2004. This was quite an interesting turn of events for me, as I always thought Christians were a bizarre breed and subculture and let's just say it wasn't on my radar to become one. Yet, here I am a Christian.

So why am I here? Because God has opened my eyes to what an awesome, fulfilling and joyful life this can be. He has shown me a way to live, in which nothing compares. A life where we can find true contentment. And most importantly, He opened my eyes to who He is. And when we experience something so good, so unexpected and so radically transforming, not only do I believe we're called to share it, we'll feel compelled to do so. He can change your life. 

About my Work

I am a retail industry veteran with over 15+ years experience in sourcing, producing, selling, and marketing various products and brands for companies such as Macy’s Merchandising Group, Williams-Sonoma, Inc., GlaxoSmithKline, QVC, and HSN. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge across various retail categories such as women’s apparel, kid’s apparel, fitness, accessories, shoes, handbags, home textiles and beauty. I am most passionate about products in the health and wellness space and hold certifications in Nutrition and Mental Health. 


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I am a Wellness Lifestyle Expert and On-Air Host with extensive broadcasting experience. I am the Evening Show Host for STAR 99.1/93.3, bringing you four hours of encouragement every evening. I am a National Live TV spokesperson and On-Air Host for QVC, specializing in wellness lifestyle product category assortments and I frequently support a diverse array of lifestyle brands through various social media efforts and broadcasting opportunities. I am also a host, and field reporter for Astound television.  ​



Hosting and consulting services in tv and radio broadcast, product and retail channels.

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