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Nourished | Well | Balanced

Encouraging you to live a life that is nourished by faith & brimming with wellness. 
Eph 1:18

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Life Assembled Podcast

Podcasting about living a life full of faith and wellness.

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New Episode Every Week

Faith-filled discussions, devotions, wellness talks, and opportunities to learn about the latest products in the wellness space; products with purpose--all things that can make a positive difference in our lives.

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Devin Almonte is a wellness lifestyle expert. Her passion and understanding for living a wellness lifestyle stem from her deep desire to see people live wholly well and in balance. Read more>>

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The Journey Towards Wellness Begins with Christ.

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Encouraging Star Stories

I welcome you to be a part of our STAR radio family by joining me in my FB community for my show,  Encouraging Star Stories. You will find friendship, support, prayer, connection, and of course, encouragement.

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