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Have a story to share that will encourage others on their journey of faith or that will inspire others see the world with a Kingdom focus? I'd love to hear it! Be a guest on my radio show, Encouraging Star Stories or on my podcast.


Guests are invited from all walks of life to share their encouraging stories of faith and hope.

God has blessed everyone with purpose and stories that I believe are worth sharing and that keep us in community with one another. My guests include individuals who have overcome adversity, achieved success against all odds, and found meaning and purpose in their lives through Jesus Christ.

I'm particularly interested in guests who have a faith testimony to share, and who have experienced the transformative power of faith in their lives. We believe that these stories can inspire others to seek a deeper understanding of who Christ is and to provide hope and meaning in difficult times.

In addition to faith testimonies, I also love to hear from guests who have stories of kindness and compassion to share. These stories have the power to change lives and inspire others to be more giving and compassionate in their own lives.

I also feature products and services that have the potential to change lives for the better, whether they are rooted in health and wellness products, faith, or other innovative solutions that have the power to improve people's lives. 

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