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Life Assembled

Life Assembled is your lifestyle wellness destination where we are encouraged to live a life that is nourished by faith and brimming with wellness. And we do it best when we are in community with one another. 


A healthy lifestyle is obtainable and I want you to live a life that is nourished, balanced, and wholly well. I view wellness as the conscious and ongoing advancement of the whole self: the complete state of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social wellbeing; which is critical to living a full and satisfying life. I refer to these elements as my 5CORE Dimensions of Wellness. 


I'm also driven by products and services that bring such wellness to the world and make a difference not only in the lives of consumers, but in our society at-large. I take great care in bringing you wellness content, products and services that are purposeful, meaningful, and life-changing in the wellness space. Why? Because I want my passion and your wellness to serve as a force for good; to be on mission and in mission for God.





Life Assembled is owned and operated by Product Mill, LLC. Product Mill is the boutique retail product consultancy and premier service hub for our clients whose products, brands, and services we represent.



We want our business and your business to serve as a force for good. We help your business bring wellness to the world by getting your wellness lifestyle products and services in front of consumers via:

  • social media

  • our Life Assembled brand

  • and/or through our partnerships with multichannel retailers and media outlets


Have a question about content or a product orservice featured on our website?

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