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Better Every Year: Susan Lucci’s Fitness Secrets

​Staying fit, the experts tell us, becomes harder and harder as we age. And while that is as true a part of aging as our gray hairs and laugh lines, it doesn’t have to limit our lives.

Just ask Susan Lucci, the beloved actress who has been wowing All My Children fans as Erica Kane since 1970. Lucci shows no signs of slowing down: she’s even introduced her own fitness apparel line to QVC, based on fan favorites from her QVC shows, and of course she looks fantastic both on and off the air.


We sat with Lucci and asked her to tell us more about her with passion about her go-to workout: Pilates. You may have already heard of Pilates, a specialized fitness training that focuses on helping you isolate and strengthen core muscles and deep muscle tissues. It’s usually touted as a high-end, high-priced way for movie stars and celebrities to keep looking toned and firm. But this exercise regime isn’t just about vanity: It’s also about how strengthening your core can help ease back pain, improve balance and posture, help men and women of any age enjoy an active, healthy life -- without the stresses and injuries associated with high impact sports.

Lucci was kind enough to take time out of her (very) busy schedule to talk to me about how pilates improves her life. And as an On-Air Wellness Lifestyle Expert, I was thrilled to learn that Lucci, like me, is a huge fan of the Pilates PRO Chair, from the co-creator of Malibu Pilates. Our conversation was inspiring: In fact, I can still hear her voice echoing softly through the studio: “Zip up your abs, zip up your abs!”

Devin: How long have you been using the Pilates PRO Chair?

Susan: I’ve been using the Pilates PRO Chair for over 9 years, just before I was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. It helped me tremendously!

Devin: Why is the Pilates PRO Chair your go-to item for fitness?

Susan: It works! It’s a total body workout that gives you quick results. It’s the only one that really gives you that sculpting and toning that we all love so much; that lean muscle tone. Plus, you get a cardio workout at the same time. No need to take that additional walk or run; no need to find another way to get your cardio in for the day because you can do it all on the Pilates PRO chair.

Devin: Clients often worry that they need experience or specialized training in pilates before they can use the Pilates PRO chair. Do you think that’s true?

Susan: No. You can enjoy the Pilates PRO Chair whether you are completely new to pilates or a long time practitioner. What I love is that you are also getting 4 DVDs with your Pilates PRO Chair purchase through QVC because this will help you get started where you are and the appropriate level for you. So if you are a beginner, you can start with the Pilates Basics DVD, while if you are more advanced, you can use some of the more advanced DVDs.

Devin: What is your favorite exercise with the Pilates PRO Chair and why?

Susan: I have so many favorites, but I’d have to say that one of my favorite moves is the Pull-Up for Flat Abs. This is your modern version of the ab crunch. I love that you don’t have to get on the floor to do this. You simply lean forward with you hands on the seat of the chair in a C-curve shape. Jack-knife your way up, and then feel the assistance on the way up and the resistance on the way down. I love it because it flattens those abs! We all loathe that belly pooch in our lower abs. This is a great way to target that area and get rid of belly fat. I love that it flattens my abs, but even more, I love how it helps support my back so I can feel good on set, even if I 'm standing in heels all day. And it’s fun.

Pilates PRO Chair

  • Works your abs, waistline, hips, thighs, and butt and cardio workout at the same time. .

  • Split-step pedal system allows you to work your arms and legs individually or together.

  • Adjustable spring system lets you switch up the resistance - great choice for beginners or the more advanced exerciser.

  • Compact: at 25” wide, your PRO Chair fits into almost any home space.

While the Pliates PRO Chair is no longer available at QVC, be sure to shop Susan's apparel line!

**Pilates PRO Chair is available on Amazon.

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