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Egg Weights. The Most COMFORTABLE Weight.

I absolutely love Egg Weights and I’ll tell you why in just a second. And for transparency’’s sake, I do sell Egg Weights on QVC; I’m paid for appearances, but I am not paid to write this post. When I represent products I love or come across products that I think are great, I simply like to share them with you!

So, here’s the deal. We often “resist” resistance and strength training for many reasons. And only 30.2 percent of adults in the United States engage in muscle-strengthening activities (American Journal of Preventive Medicine). That’s too low! We need to change that so that we can be in better shape and better health.

We’ll often forgo the workout because we are just so busy and don’t know how to fit it into our day, we don’t want to risk injury, we just aren’t sure how to start or how to stay motivated.

So what are Egg Weights anyway? They are the only palm-centered weight uniquely designed for comfort. It literally looks like an egg, but it is made of stainless steel and has a fun silicone grip that loops over your finger; the weight itself rests in the center of your palm.

Egg Weights is by far the most comfortable weight I have ever used. The reason I like it so much is because it puts little to no stress on my hand, wrist, or finger joints. I’m not that old, but sadly my joints aren't in the best shape. Years ago, I had a car accident that did quite a number on my wrist and hand joints. So it makes it rather difficult and uncomfortable for me now to hold a traditional dumbbell weight. I will, but it’s just not as comfortable and it can feel awkward in my hand.

I first started using Egg Weights in my heated, shadowboxing classes. I’ve tried the weighted gloves and dumbbells, but the Egg Weights made it so much easier to maintain my pace and form, all while keeping enough weight and resistance in my punches. Outside of class, I use these on my walks around the neighborhood, just to add a little more strength to my cardio.

I’ve spoken with other users and they love it for the same reasons, mostly amazed by the level of comfort and their ability to work on their upper body, adding some casual bicep curls and side raises while sitting and watching a show.

If you are in need of a comfortable weight, Egg Weights are the way to go. They are 1.5 lbs each for a set total of 3 lbs.


​​Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate exercise prescription. If you experience any pain or difficulty with these exercises, stop and consult your healthcare provider. All comments written above are my own opinion and thoughts as it relates to wellness.

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