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Devin Almonte, a respected wellness lifestyle expert, TV and radio host, writer, and blogger, is known for her genuine relatability and uplifting faith-based content. She connects with those yearning to find meaning and understanding in life, illustrating how a Biblical worldview offers the hope and answer for a flourishing life.

With a diverse career in media, broadcasting, retail, and sales, working with companies such as Macy’s Merchandising Group, QVC, HSN, and GSK, Devin uses her rich life experiences to embrace her ministry-driven mission, responding to God's call to help others grow spiritually.  She does this through various media engagements, writing about spiritual topics and hosting her nightly radio show, "Encouraging Star Stories," where she inspires and uplifts her audience. Devin is currently an active member of the 2023-24 Colson Fellows Program.

Devin's journey into the Christian faith started in her mid-twenties. She went from a life overshadowed by addiction and a distant relationship with God to one filled with purpose and genuine faith. This change inspired her to help others understand their beliefs better, moving from a surface-level or nominal faith to a deep, life-changing one.

Her personal experience, combined with her work in secular industries, has fueled her passion for showing others the love of Christ and the importance of living with a Biblical worldview. Her studies and exploration of business, culture, society, theology, and different perspectives have made her a prominent voice in the Christian faith. Devin connects with her audience on various media platforms, sharing insights on how to lead a fulfilling, Christ-centered life.

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