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Life Assembled

Life Assembled is your lifestyle wellness destination where we are encouraged to live a life that is nourished by faith and brimming with wellness. And we do it best when we are in community with one another. 

A healthy lifestyle is obtainable and I want you to live a life that is nourished, balanced, and wholly well. I view wellness as the conscious and ongoing advancement of the whole self: the complete state of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social wellbeing; which is critical to living a full and satisfying life. I refer to these elements as my 5CORE Dimensions of Wellness. 

I'm also driven by products and services that bring such wellness to the world and make a difference not only in the lives of consumers, but in our society at-large. I take great care in bringing you wellness content, products and services that are purposeful, meaningful, and life-changing in the wellness space. Why? Because I want my passion and your wellness to serve as a force for good; to be on mission and in mission for God.

The Founder

Hi! I'm Devin Almonte, the Founder of Life Assembled, a wellness destination that focuses on my top three loves: Wellness + Product + Broadcasting. My passion and understanding for living a wellness lifestyle stem from my deep desire to see people live wholly well, having dealt with my own struggles in adolescence to live well. From age thirteen to nineteen, I found myself in the throes of addiction, but was fortunate to have recovered from active alcoholism at nineteen years of age. Through my faith in God and conscious determination to live within the bounds of a wellness lifestyle, I saw my life dramatically change. But I know how difficult that journey can be, having lost my brother to the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. God has given me  a mission and purpose to help people live better and fuller lives, while also working tirelessly to end the stigma that surrounds mental health and to support those in need of help. 

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I am a retail industry veteran with over 15+ years experience in sourcing, producing, selling, and marketing various products and brands for companies such as Macy’s Merchandising Group, Williams-Sonoma, Inc., GlaxoSmithKline, QVC, and HSN. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge across various retail categories such as women’s apparel, kid’s apparel, fitness, accessories, shoes, handbags, home textiles and beauty. I am most passionate about products in the health and wellness space and hold certifications in Nutrition and Mental Health. 

My remarkable skills in sales, retail management, brand development, and marketing strategy have defined me a leader in the industry, helping to provide you and your business with vision and direction for the future. I am a driven and collaborative business partner and change agent who leads through influence and possesses professional maturity and industry integrity.


I am a Wellness Lifestyle Expert and Host with extensive broadcasting experience. I am the Evening Show Host for WAWZ Star 99.1, bringing you four hours of encouragement every evening. I am a National Live TV spokesperson and On-Air Host for QVC, specializing in wellness lifestyle product category assortments and I frequently support a diverse array of lifestyle brands through various social media efforts and broadcasting opportunities. I am also an anchor, host, and field reporter for RCN television.  ​

I believe that a healthy lifestyle is obtainable for everyone. Leading the path to wellness is one's faith in God, which will guide us to keep five core dimensions of wellness in balance: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social. My goal is to provide you with valuable wellness lifestyle content that is centered around faith and these core dimensions, in addition to products and services that meet this criteria, to help you assemble your life into one that is fantastically joyful, healthy, and unequivocally alive. ​

5Core Explained

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