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Devin Almonte, a wellness lifestyle expert, TV and radio host, and blogger brings a powerful story of personal transformation. Despite grappling with addiction and a distant relationship from the Lord during her youth, Devin's journey showcases God's uncanny ability to completely transform our hearts and make us new.

In her mid-twenties, Devin surrendered her life to Jesus Christ. This act defied her earlier perception of Christians as an odd and bizarre subculture that she had minimal interest in exploring, let alone joining. This profound change illuminated her understanding of God's truth and His saving grace, leading her to a life that is genuinely free, authentic, and filled with joy.

Through Devin's expertise in various media platforms, including television, radio, blogging, and podcasting, she passionately shares insights to encourage others to find their true identity in Christ, to see as God sees, living with a view of the kingdom world in focus and a heart for the broken world at hand.

Devin's unwavering commitment is come alongside those who are hurting and lost, as well as to provide direction for individuals seeking growth in their faith. She desires to assist others in discovering how to live for Christ and spiritually shift from being a mere fan to devoted follower of Christ.


Devin is currently a student of the Colson Fellows Program.

Who Am I? Why Am I Here? Why the Struggle? What Do I Truly Believe?

In a world awash with questions and uncertainties, the answer we so often seek is rooted in one name: Christ. Whether you're a steadfast believer or just beginning your journey of faith exploration, my desire is to highlight the transformative impact of Jesus on your life, both for His glory and your good, while illustrating how He serves as the cornerstone of authentic moral and ethical living. It's not merely about doctrines; it's about the transformative power of Christ's love and teachings, and how they can anchor our lives amidst the storms of modern times. For the curious and the faithful alike, this is a place for us to explore the profound relationship between Christ, morality, and our individual beliefs. My prayer is that together we can come to know Him better, to see the world as He sees, and live for Him. As we navigate the complexities of today's world, let's live 'How We Ought to Live' in a world yearning for genuine connection and truth. It is here that we will find joy.

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